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As an expert in employment law and HR with a story about mental health and wellbeing, who also talks openly about my late ADHD diagnosis and how to foster and create positive workplace cultures that are psychologically safe, Jodie Hill is a sought-after speaker at many different conferences and events.

Jodie can speak confidently and passionately about a range of topics, particularly law in the UK and HR, ED&I, mental health, wellbeing, and neurodiversity nationally and internationally.

She has significant experience of speaking in front of large audiences, in person and online, with a warm and friendly delivery and ability to break down complex topics into easy-to-understand takeaways.

Prominent events where Jodie has spoken include the Legal Disruptors Conference in Prague. She will also spoke at the SRA Compliance Officers Conference in October 2023 and regularly speaks for The Law Society—both at events and on TV and radio. She has also delivered the keynote speech at several awards ceremonies on topics such as mental health and fitness and neurodiversity.

Jodie is also a regular guest on podcasts.

Feedback from happy customers

Lee Probert
York College

Jodie spoke to our students at our annual awards ceremony in June 2023. Jodie was able to share her personal journey in a really accessible and engaging way.

As well as sharing her personal journey, Jodie also talked about the strategies she has developed to secure mental wellness, over time. These strategies were all readily available to all of us and there was no one in the room who left without a takeout.

Students, their families and staff left feeling humbled by the authenticity of Jodie’s story. They were also inspired by the way she has leveraged what she knows and has experienced to lead on the national stage. All of this whilst running a successful law firm.

Jodie’s approach to telling her story, is insightful, authentic, advocates self-ownership and has a positive impact.

Flora Shaw
HR Advisor
Addleshaw Goddard

Jodie is very honest and candid about her experiences of mental health and discrimination, making her an extremely engaging speaker.

Her journey so far is inspiring and she provides many useful tips on how to navigate self-care and to prioritise your wellbeing. Her session gained fantastic feedback from our colleagues, showing how impactful the content was.

Thank you, Jodie, for a really insightful and motivating session.

Lisa Leighton
Senior HR role

Jodie delivered a self-awareness session, which was available for all our 115,000 colleagues to attend for Mental Health Awareness week. She is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and a great speaker.

Her session on self-awareness and expertise on mental health had a profound impact on our colleagues’ self-belief and outlook. We would recommend her to any business and would welcome her back in the future.

Upcoming Events

Neurodiversity and Leadership

19 March 2024

Jodie Hill will deliver this workshop on neurodiversity and leadership in partnership with Brightlink Learning.

Perfect for neurodivergent leaders or a leaders who are managing neurodivergent colleagues, Jodie will use her own story as the basis for this online workshop, which is scheduled to run for an hour and 30 minutes.

Attendees will learn how to manage neurodivergent employees, receive an introduction to reasonable adjustments, and pick up tips for reducing negative environmental and other impacts on neurodivergent employees.

Workplace Wellbeing Webinar: Embracing Neurodiversity

21 March 2024

Learn about the world of neurodiversity in the workplace—this webinar is your gateway to understanding the profound impact neurodiversity can have on individuals and organisations and discover strategies for creating more inclusive and psychologically safe workplaces.


Jodie Hill

21 August 2019
Talking Law With Sally Penni MBE
Jodie Hill discusses her passion for the fair treatment of people living with mental health issues and how it led…
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